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UPDATE 3/24/03

Gathering will be held June 28th in Canton, Ohio.  The zip is 44710.  Go to  map quest , and you can see exactly how long of a trip it is for you!   (Keep in mind that we do give a door prize for the person that travels the most miles to come!)  It will be held in a hall that has kitchen faculty, and will be catered.  We will be using the same caterer as we did last year!  I will try to get everyone in at the same hotel and will be working on a group rate for us.  Please, please, please email me early if you are going to need a room.  This area is my home town, and rest assured there is plenty of hotels in the area, and things to do.  Those of you who want to bring a hubby that won't be interested in the gathering, the football hall of fame is 10 minutes from the hall.    KEEP IN MIND this is only a gathering.  It's not a convention!  Our main goal here is to have fun! 


Everyone is welcome to come.  If you've made one candle or 1 million candles!


The cost is 20.00 PER person.  I feel the need to stress PER person.  Due to the fact that we have so many inquires, and the room is max-ing out at 72 occupancy, we will be charging for each person that comes.  You are free to bring your husbands, but you will have to pay the 20.00 fee for him.  If you want to bring you neighbor, that's fine, but you have to pay the $20.00 fee.  If you want to bring your child, that's fine, but you have to pay the $20.00 fee.  Suppliers fee this year is the same as attendees.  If you plan to attend or sell and you are a supplier, please email me.  I will have a separate email group for suppliers.  This years cut off date to pay registration fee is JUNE 1st and is limited to the first 70 registrations fees that I receive.  AFTER JUNE 1st, there will be a 5.00 late registration fee for a grand total of 25.00.  You may send payment in anytime before JUNE 1st.  I suggest payment early if you are sure you are coming.  You may pay me with paypal at  I stated I have over 80 people on the list, and that only includes them!  Some do require more than 1 reservation!  GET YOUR MONEY IN EARLY!  To date, we have 36 people paid!  Whew, glad that is out of the way!


What your $20.00 fee includes:  Not only does it cover you lunch, it helps with the cost of decorations, rental for the hall, and any fees that I incur from paypal when I take reservations.   


We WILL be co-oping again this year-  Co-oping means we pick out several suppliers and bulk buy from them.  You send your order and the money order  to me, and I place all orders as one big order.  Co-op cut off will be JUNE 1st as well!  This usually gets us a fairly good discount, and saves us all on shipping.   I will separate the orders, and they will be ready for pick up at the gathering.  There are a few changes this year with cooping.  I will NOT split any pound bottles up.  You may order less than a pound, but you will have to pay the regular price for that amount.  I will also be adding on 1.00 to every co-op order for each supplier that you co-op from.   I will only accept money orders for co-ops this year.  I ran into many problems with waiting periods for out of state checks, and trying to figure out the processing fee for Paypal was a nightmare!  This year we're keepin' it simple!   Last year we did TV Guilfoil, KY, Steve's, & Tradewinds.  I will be looking into a jar co-op this year, from a company I found in Cleveland.  Email me any other companies you would be interested in co-oping from.


The agenda for the gathering is quite flexible right now.  A quick rundown of what to expect:  A meet & greet session.  Demonstrations of some sort.  Suppliers hour.  Lunch.  Door prizes.  A used goods sale.  And some kind of contest for the most creative product idea.  There will be more, I just don't know what yet ;)


What demonstrations will we have?  So far we will have a soap petal demonstration from Brenda Sievers from "Oak Court Creations"    If you are interested in doing a demo of some type, or have something you would like to see demonstrated, please email me.  Keep in mind, that we must keep it fairly simple.   


What suppliers will be there?  Of course this is subject to change, but I have a few that have said they will definitely be there, and some that are very interested, and expect to come.  Jeff and his wife Heather  from formally "That makes scents"  WILL be there again.  He will be doing an informative speech of some type!  Brenda from "Oak Court Creations" is planning on attending.   "The Scent Shack" will be attending.  And Angie from "Snowtop Candle and Supply" will be attending with hubby, and setting up.  Heartfelt Candle Supply (thatís me!) will be making itís first public appearance.For those of you that weren't there last year, we had a TREMENDOUS response for door prizes.  Everyone got 1 door prize valued at 15.00 or more, and some got 2!  Everyone also received a goodie bag, with samples, coupons and many other items.  It was like Christmas in August! 


OK GUYS!  I think that's it for now.    If you have any questions, please email me, or feel free to call.  I appreciate any suggestions you may have. 





Gena Schank 

1110 Maryland Ave SW 
Canton, Ohio 44710

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