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Fragrance Oils

All of our fragrance oils have been tested in 100% soy and JOY wax. 

Our testing was done with a 100% natural soy wax at 1.5oz per pound of wax.  You may want to start by testing with 1oz per pound for paraffin waxes.

Nutty Banana Bread -  This mouth watering banana and walnut cake mixture will have your guests fooled into believing you baked all day.  All the delicious smells without the work!

Simply Vanilla-  This is not over powering...just a wonderfully simple vanilla, that will drift all over your house.  Comparable to Partylite's Vanilla, only stronger :)

Mysterious-Simply wonderful.  Blend of exotic floral scents and a background of a clean rain scent.  Try a sample today, and help us name this scent, and win 8oz of the fo if we pick the name you suggest.  (In case of a tie, the first one to suggest the winning name will be the winner!)

 Tulip Bouquet-  Wonderful floral with a nice green undertone.  Try starting with less fo than you would normally use.  This fragrance is super strong! 


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