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This page is put together by reviews I receive, or see posted.  I have no affiliation with any of the companies listed...

Rating system is as follows.

***excellent throw...can be smelled all over the house

***good throw...Can be smelled across two rooms

**OK throw...Will scent a small room

*Little/NO throw...This baby only smells if you stand over it!

Please email me, Gena if you would like to add your reviews to the list.  Don't forget to tell how much fo you used per pound, and the company the fo came from.  Thanks!

                Natures Garden                       

 ****Children's Room (1.5oz) Janene, GenaS, MLinda

 *** Christmas Cabernet (1oz) GenaS

****Honeysuckle (1oz) GenaS, Karen S (1.5oz)

****Italian Biscotti (1.5oz) Janene, M Linda, GenaS 

****Fresh Linen (1.5oz) MLinda  ***Fresh Linen (1oz)Gena

****Sun Ripened Raspberry (1.5oz) Janene

****Wildberry Scones (1oz) GenaS, **** (1.5oz)MLinda 

     Fresh Squeezed Oranges (1.5oz) Linda (no throw)      

****Blueberry Cobbler  (1.5oz) Jean
 *** Allysum  (1.5oz) Jean
**** Hillbilly Homebrew (1.5oz) Jean
****Coconut Cream Pie (1.5oz) Jean, KarenS
****Cucumber Melon (1.5oz) Jean, **** (1oz) Carrie
****Sugar Cookie (1.5oz) Jean
 ***Cafe Caramel (1.5oz) Jean
****Beach Baby (1.5oz) Jean
****Spiced Cranberry (1.5)Jean, MLinda

****Cotton Candy (1.5oz) Christi,  *** (1.5oz) MLinda
****Sex on the Beach  (1.5oz) Christi
****Raspberry  (1.5oz)Christi

****Mulberry (1.5oz) KarenS

****Hyacinth (1.5oz) MLinda

****Ocean Mist (1.5oz)MLinda

 ***Amaretto (1.5oz) MLinda

 ***Dreamsicle (1.5oz) MLinda

 ***Watermelon (1.5oz) MLinda

 ***Bubble Gum (1.5oz) MLinda

 ***Fuzzy Navel (1.5oz) MLinda

****Sweet Potato Pie (1.5oz) MLinda

****Hippy Christmas (1.5oz) MLinda

---Warm Vanilla Sugar (1.5oz) 

****Blueberry Cobbler (1oz) Carrie
****Strawberries & Champagne (1oz) Carrie
****Twigs and Berries (1oz) Carrie
****Plumeria (1oz) Carrie 

****Twigs & Berries, (1 oz) ChrisR .

****Sweet Potato Pie, (1 oz) ChrisR.

****Fudge Brownie, (1.25 oz) ChrisR



Tennesee Candle Supply:

****Apple Cinnamon, (1-1/2 oz)ChrisR.



****Bayberry, (1 oz)ChrisR

****Yultide Bayberry, (1 oz)ChrisR

****Calendula, (1 oz)ChrisR.

****Sweet Gardenia, (1 oz.) ChrisR

****Green Tea Lemongrass, (1 oz.) ChrisR

Juniper Aloe, 1.25 oz.

Luscious Lilac, 1 oz.

Loganberry, 1 oz.

Orange Vanilla, 1.5 oz.

River Birch, 1 oz.

Roasted Hazelnut, 1 oz.

Jasmine, 1 oz.

Bramble Berry:

Ginger Orange:  1 oz.

Violet, 1 oz.

Stargazer Lily


Lavender, 3/4 oz.

Maine Balsam, 1 oz.

We Make Scents:

Cranberry, 1 oz.

Currant, 1 oz.

Sandalwood, 1 oz.

Hot Cocoa, 1 oz.

Patticake Soap:

Bluebonnets, 1 oz.




Ultimate Red Apple Peel, 1 oz.

Ultimate English Ivy, 1.25 oz.

Ultimate Coconut Milk, 1.5 oz.

Ultimate Cucumber Lily, 1 oz.

Ultimate Mango Papaya, 1 oz.

Ultimate Peach Preserves, 1.25 oz


Patchouli, 1.25 oz.

Baby Magic, 1.25 oz.

Orange Clove

That Makes Scents:

Boysenberries & Moss, 1 oz.



 ****Blackberry Sage (1oz) GenaS

****Strawberry (1oz) GenaS 

Southern Candle Supply

****Banana Walnut (1oz) GenaS

****Spiced Apple & Nuts (1.5oz) MLinda

****Nutty Taffy Apple (1.5oz) MLinda

****Blueberry Crisp (1.5oz) MLinda

October Leaves, 1 oz.

Vanilla Maple Pecan, 1 oz.

Peppermint Twist, 1 oz.

Chocolate Covered Cherries, 1.25 oz.

Blueberry Cheescake, 1.25 oz.

Vanilla, 1.50 oz.


KY Candle Wax Supply

****Cherries & Chestnuts (1oz)GenaS ****(1.5oz)MLinda

****Apple Jack & Peel (1.5oz)MLinda

Warm & Cozy, 1.5 oz.

Sugar Cookie, 1.5 oz.

Fresh Coffee, 1 oz.






****Pumpkin Fudge (1.5oz) MLinda

****Red Clover Tea (1.5oz) MLinda

****Buttermint (1.5oz)MLinda

 ***Pineapple Upside Down Cake (1.5) MLinda

 ***Love on the beach (1.5) MLinda


Candles & Supplies (Cindy's)


 ***Vanilla Custard (1.5oz) MLinda


Sweet Cakes


****Secret Garden (1.5oz) MLinda

****Angel (1.5oz) MLinda

Basil Blossom, 1 oz.

Lily of the Valley, 1 oz.

Hyacinth, 1 oz.

Sage, Sweetgrass & Cedar, 3/4 oz.

Cinnamon, 3/4 oz.

Fresh Laundry, 1 oz.

Chocolate, 1 oz.

Coconut, 1.5 oz.



WYW (Wick your Wax)


****Vanilla Grapefruit (.75oz) GenaS ****(1 oz) ChrisR

****Butter Cream (.75oz) GenaS **** (1oz) MLinda

****Winter Wonderland (1oz) MLinda ****(1.25) ChrisR

****Angel (1oz) MLinda

****Citrus Peel & Pine (1oz) MLinda, ChrisR







WSP (wholesale supplies plus)


****Heavenly (1.5oz) MLinda

****Enchanted Apple (1.5oz) MLinda

****Halo (1.5oz) MLinda

 ***Sugar & Spice (1.5oz) MLinda

 ***First Rain (1.5oz) MLinda

****Cotton Blossom (1.5oz) MLinda



Bitter Creek

****Cinnabun (1oz) Diana . 
****Honeysuckle (1.5oz) Diana
 ***Carmel (1oz) Diana
 ***Water blossom ivy (1.5oz) Diana
 ***Juniper Breeze (1.5oz) 

****Caramel (1.5oz) Christi
**** Carrot  Cake (1.5oz) Christi
**** Apples n Oaks (1.5oz) Christi

****Dreamweaver (1.5oz) MLinda

****Strawberry Cheesecake (1.5oz) MLinda





****Blackberry (1.5oz)KarenS  


Wix and Wax


****Chocolate Mint (1.5oz) Christi
****Chocolate (1.5oz) Christi
****Reeses (1.5oz) Christi
    *Lemon Pound Cake (1.5oz) Christi
  ***Rain (1.5oz) Christi
  ***Ocean (1.5oz) Christi
****red hot cinnamon (1.5oz) Christi
****Cinnamon Buns (1.5oz) Christi
 ***Green apple (1.5oz) Christi




****Blackberry Sage (1.5oz) Jean

 ***Joop for Men (1.5oz Jean


Lone Star


****Blueberry Cobbler (1.5oz) Karen S

****Strawberry (1.5oz) Karen S

****Pear glaze (1.5oz) Karen S

****Apples & Cinnamon (1.5oz) Karen S




****Gardenia (1.5oz) Karen S

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